Electric water heater PPE2

Instantaneous water heaters are very cheap and comfortable appliances for water heating. Instantaneous heaters consume electricity only when you need hot water. These heaters warm water immediately after turning on the tap, and they deliver it continuously. It is worth to mention that the instantaneous water heaters produced by Kospel are a high energy efficiency class A.

Hot water immediately and without any limit

Hot water boiler vs water heater

There are many kinds of instantaneous water heaters on the market. Customers can select proper heaters according to the number and type of water collection points. Their compact sizes allow to mount them very close to any warm water collection point. Their wide range allows ideal choice depending on users' needs and expectations.

The right selection and correct location of installation ensure less water consumption. It also reduces heat loss. Instantaneous water heaters allow for continuous consumption of hot water. There is no limit of tank capacity. It is a huge advantage over any capacitive water heaters.

The only rule for mounting a flow water heater is a proper electrical installation at home. Otherwise, it is worth to consider to use capacitive heaters.

How to choose a flow water heater?

How to choose a water heater?

Customers can select a perfect heater according to a number and type of water collection points. At home, hot water is most often needed in a bathroom and kitchen. If a bathroom has a shower with a standard spout, it is usually enough to use a device with a power of 12-15kW. A rain shower requires a heater with higher power and performance. Usually, it will be a device with a power of at least 24-27kW. It is worth to mount a heater with at least the power of 18kW if a bathroom has a bathtub.

Instantaneous water heaters are usually three-phase devices. The power of 400V can supply hot water to several collection points. A lot of heaters models are available on the market. There are devices with hydraulic switching (model: PPH2 and KDH Luxus).

More advanced models come with built-in electronic control (PPE2 with LCD, KDE Bonus or PPVE Focus). It is worth emphasizing that choosing a heater with electronic control gives two main advantages. First, it is a great opportunity to save more electric energy. Besides, the comfort of use is better.

A water heater for one sink

If you need a heater for one sink, you can use a single-phase device powered by 230V. The most popular are water heaters equipped with a battery. The compact size allows to mount them above the sink. These models are EPS2 Twister and EPJ Optimus. The model EPS2.P Prister shower warmer is often used in vacation homes and on camping sites. They have a degree of protection on the IP25 level. Their covers are sealed, so they can be mounted directly in shower cabins. Amicus EPO2 heaters are most often used in the kitchen. They are small, so they can be hidden in the cabinet under the sink. The power of 6kW is enough to get a water stream that allows washing a small number of dishes.

Electric water heating - how much does it cost?

How much does electric water heating cost?

Instantaneous water heaters consume energy only when they heat water. They belong to one of the most energy-saving devices for water heating. They are an energy efficiency class A.

How much exactly does it cost to use instantaneous water heater?

We calculated the cost of heating 1000 litres (1m3) of water, assuming that we raise the temperature by 30°C (most often we heat water from approx. 10°C to approx. 40°C). The capacity of 21kW heater (e.g. PPE2 electronic) is 10.1l/min. This device heats 1000 litres of water in 99 minutes or 1.65 hours consuming about 35kWh. Usually, one person consumes about 1.5 m3 of hot water per month. It means that 52.5kWh is required to deliver hot water for one person per month. Now you have to multiply 52.5 per cost of 1kWh in your location. Then you will know the estimated monthly cost of water heating for one person.

Efficiency of electric flow water heater

Remember, the heaters with electronic control ensure the most comfortable and cheapest operation. They enable precise regulation and stabilization of water temperature. The smooth selection of power gives up to 30% water and energy savings in relation to any heater with hydraulic switching.

Saving on electric water heating

* The average storage of 80 litres tank heaters has an energy loss of 1.5 kWh/24h. This means about 550kWh losses per year. Based on the above calculations, heating water with an electric instantaneous water heater is not expensive. It ensures a comfortable and safe operation. This is due to the fact that these devices are optimally selected for specific requirements.

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