Small instantaneous water heaters powered by 230V are the most effective way of heating water. Especially for a washbasin or shower in a vacation home. Depending on individual needs and technical conditions, there are many devices to choose from. KOSPEL produces modern instantaneous water heaters in many variations.

The most important advantage of instantaneous water heaters is a small size. Usually, they are connected near the water intake and switch on only when the warm water is required. Heaters are one of the most energy-efficient appliances. There are no losses associated with a storage of hot water in a tank. Besides, water also doesn't flow in long pipes. Instantaneous water heaters have a high energy efficiency class A.

The most popular are heaters for basins, equipped with a faucet and hung above the sink. These are EPS2 Twister and EPJ Optimus models.

Water heating in summer houses and camping sites

EPS2.P Prister and EPJ.P Primus heaters are often used in summer houses and camping sites. They have a degree of protection IP25. It means their covers are sealed so they can be mounted in shower cabins.

EPO2 Amicus and EPO Amicus heaters are most often used in the kitchen. They are small, so they are usually hidden in the cabinet under the sink. The power of 6kW is enough to produce a hot water stream for washing a small number of dishes.

The heaters described above are powered by 230V and can be used rather with one tap. To get larger amounts of hot water in several taps, three-phase devices powered by 400V should be used.

Electrical installation for instantaneous water heater

Instantaneous water heaters need appropriate electrical installation. Sometimes it is a technical barrier difficult to pass. In this case, you can choose a heater from capacitive models. They are also available in Kospel's offer.

Power in capacitive heaters allows them to be connected to ordinary electrical outlets. The most important criterion for choosing a device is a capacity. For the washbasin or sink you can use the POC Luna inox 5 liters heater. Larger amounts of hot water can be obtained from OSV Slim heaters. Their capacity is from 20 to 80 liters. OCV.ECO Comfort heaters capacity is from 50 up to 130 liters.

Electric water heater and gas heater in a camping site

Electric heaters have an advantage over gas devices. Electricity is in every motorhome. Gas installation requires special installation and properly ventilated rooms. The operation of electric heaters is very safe. Besides, there is no risk of explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning.