Vertical hot water heaters are very popular in modern heating installations. Definitely shell heat exchangers deserve special attention. They have much more power and efficiency than devices with the same capacities as a coil. Thanks to this it is possible to use a smaller capacity tank to get a similar effect. It helps to save space in the boiler room and ensures measurable savings associated with less heat loss.

Advantages of shell heat exchangers

The efficiency of Kospel SP-180 Termo-S shell exchanger (total capacity: 183 liters) is comparable to the efficiency of a 300-liter coil exchanger. The wall waving technology used in the production of shell exchangers gives many measurable benefits. It significantly increases the heating surface. Thanks to their higher pressure resistance (up to 0.3 MPa), heat exchangers are easy to use in closed central heating systems. Two versions of SP-180 Termo-S heat exchangers are available in the market. The model SP-180.A.TERMO-S.PL is efficiency class A because of more efficient insulation. Economic version of the exchanger is SP-180.TERMO -S.PL with a class C insulation.

Energy-efficient water heating at home

As mentioned above, the use of a smaller tank capacity provides savings because of less heat loss. If we compare the SP-180.TERMO-S.PL exchanger with an average 300-liter exchanger with a coil, the energy savings will be about 160 kWh per year. The use of Kospel SP-180.A.TERMO-S.PL tank helps to save even more energy- about 535 kWh per year.

Horizontal water exchangers

Horizontal exchangers WW Termo Hit with a coil or shell are often used to work with solid fuel boilers. It is worth noting that the time of heating water in a shell exchanger is much shorter than in the version with a coil. The volume of horizontal devices is from 80 to 140 liters. You can check the full offer of Kospel' exchangers in section Products on our website.