Instantaneous water heaters are the cheapest way to heat water. These devices switch on and consume electricity only when they prepare warm water. Besides, warmed water is available immediately after unscrewing the tap. Instantaneous water heaters also allow continuous consumption of hot water. There is no tank capacity limit and it is a big advantage of instantaneous water heaters. It is good to know that one type of heaters use less energy, so it is much cheaper in use. Check out what kind of heaters is the most economical and spare money on your electricity bills. Find out what is the difference between hydraulic and electronic control of heaters.

Hydraulic control

There are 2 levels of heating power in hydraulically controlled instantaneous waters heaters. It mechanically turns the 1st or 2nd power level depending on the water flow. Besides, there is a switch that allows the user to set full power or use economy mode. The water temperature depends on the amount of water flowing through the heater. In conclusion - more water flowing means the lower temperature.

Kospel offers two models of three-phase hydraulic heaters: - PPH2 hydraulic - heater with a simple, reliable design and the best price. - KDH Luxus - a heater with a copper shielded heating elements in solid construction.

Instantaneous water heaters arein Kospel's offer for 30 years. It proves the high quality of produced appliances.

Electronic control

Instantaneous water heaters with electronic control are much cheaper to use. The control system enables smooth regulation of the water temperature in the range 30 - 60°C . These devices are more convenient for users.

A sensor installed in devices measures the water flow. It detects even a very low flow of the water (2.5 l/min). This is important in installations where the water pressure is very low. Besides, electric heaters can heat a preheated water. They can cooperate e.g. with a domestic hot water tank. The temperature of the water in the heater can reach up to 70 °C . Electric heaters are a very good option to cooperate with other high power devices.

Heaters with electronic control ensure cheaper operation. For example, when using a washbasin, they choose the right power for minimal water flow. The power of the heater is perfectly matched to the amount of flowing water. Then consumption of energy is up to 30% lower than for a typical hydraulic heater.

Kospel produces four models of three-phase electronic heaters: - PPE2 electronic LCD - heater with the LCD display. It enables to set up 3 temperatures. There is also a built-in anti-burn sensor, enabling the function of 3 powers in 1 heater. - PPVE Focus electronic - the first heater on the market with a touch LCD panel. - KDE Bonus electronic - a heater with copper shielded heating elements and solid, reliable construction. - EPP-36 Maximus - a high power heater for the most demanding task.

Full range of Kospel instantaneous water heaters is presented in section products on our website.