The type and number of water intake points determine a desired power of heaters. The following information may be helpful when making a decision:

- min. power 3.5kW - for a washbasin

- min. power 5.5kW - for a sink

- min. power 5.5kW - for a shower cabin in a vacation home

- min. power 12kW - for a shower with a standard shower spout

- min. power 18kW - for a bathtub

Domestic hot water heating

Today hot water is very important media in every home. People usually use it in the bathroom and kitchen. If the bathroom has a shower with a standard spout, it is enough to use a device with a power of 12-15kW. A rain shower requires a stronger heater with higher performance. Usually, it will be a device with a power of 24kW - 27kW. It is worth to install a heater with at least the power of 18kW for a bathroom with a bathtub. Described heaters are three-phase devices powered by 400V. They can supply hot water even to several collection points.

There are a lot of models available in Kospel offer. The most popular heater with hydraulic switching are PPH2 and KDH Luxus. More advanced models with electronic control are PPE2 LCD, KDE Bonus and PPVE Focus. If you choose a heater with electronic control, you can be sure that you spare more money on your bills. Electronically controlled heaters are also more convenient to use.

Water heater in a vacation home or camping site

If you need a heater for one sink, you can use a single-phase device powered by 230V. The most popular are water heaters equipped with a single tap. They can be mounted easily over the sink. These models are EPS2 Twister and EPJ Optimus. Besides, EPS2.P Prister shower warmers are often used in vacation homes and camping sites. They have the degree of protection IP25. Their sealed body let customers mount them directly in shower cabins. Amicus EPO2 heaters are most often used in the kitchen. They are small, so they can be easily hidden in the cabinet under the sink. The power of 6kW is enough to produce a water stream that allows to wash a small number of dishes.