Nowadays, many types of water heating devices are available on the market. KOSPEL produces high-quality heaters for almost 30 years. Thanks to the wide range of appliances, a perfect water heater can be selected for every type of property. Devices meet their duties in homes, apartments, restaurants and offices. Find out which type of water heater meets your expectation.

Electric instantaneous water heaters

Instantaneous water heaters have a lot of advantages. They are small and their installation is very easy. They are energy efficient because they switch on when you open the tap. Besides, the connection near the water intake helps to avoid heat losses. Water is heated when you need it.

Electrical appliances have a huge advantage over gas devices. Usually, they just need access to electricity. That's all! They do not need a special construction, as in the case of gas installations. For gas heaters, all rooms must be properly ventilated. Also, a gas boiler must be connected to the chimney. Besides, electric heating is much more safe for you and your family. There is no risk of explosion or clogging.

Instantaneous water heaters made by Kospel

Kospel offers a wide range of instantaneous water heaters. Very popular are compact appliances designated for the sink/basin. Usually, they come with a faucet and can be mounted above the sink. These models are EPS2 Twister and EPJ Optimus.

EPJ.P Primus and EPS2.P Prister (shower warmers) are often used in vacation homes. The sealed body allows to install them directly in a shower cabin. They meet the expectation of IP25 protection level degree.

EPO Amicus, EPO Amicus and EPO2 Amicus heaters are most often used in the kitchen. They can be easily hidden in the cabinet under the sink. The power of 6kW allows to get a water stream that for washing a small number of dishes.

400V electric water heaters

The heaters described above are designed to work with one tap. They are generally powered by 230V. To get larger amounts of hot water in several taps, three-phase devices powered by 400V should be used. Kospel offers also stronger models of heaters. Customers can choose a suitable one from PPH2, KDH Luxus, PPE2 with LCD, KDE Bonus, PPVE Focus and EPP Maximus.

It is worth to mention that models with electronic control are more energy-efficiency. They are also more convenience in use. Please also remember that the power of 12kW is enough for a shower. If you have bathtub, a stronger heater (min. 18kW) should be installed.

Electric storage water heaters

Electric storage heaters are usually preferred in buildings with the older electric installation. Due to the high power of the instantaneous water heater, they need proper electric installation. Storage heaters are not so demanding. Usually, capacitive heaters can be connected to an electric socket.

The most important when choosing an electric storage heater is its capacity. For any washbasin or sink you can use the model POC Luna inox. It is very energy-efficient (class A) appliance with a capacity of 5 litres. Larger OSV Slim heaters have a capacity from 20 to 80 litres.

Exchangers and hot water storage tanks

Hot water is prepared and provided directly from all devices described above. But if you have any electric/gas boiler or central heating stove, then you can use it to heat also your water. In this case, a hot water tank or heat exchanger can be installed. The hot water tank collects and stores hot water, e.g. through a plate heat exchanger. But domestic hot water exchanger has also a built-in coil. Through this coil, heat from the boiler is exchanged heating the water inside the tank. It is worth to use heat exchangers and hot water storage tanks in extensive installation.

WW Termo Hit (with a coil) and WP Termo Hit (double-shell) horizontal heat exchangers are recommended for installations with solid fuel boilers (wood, coal). Double-shell exchangers have greater heating power due to a much larger heat exchange surface.

In modern installations with a gas/electric boilers, standing exchanger with a spiral coil (SW Termo Max) is usually used. A coil in this type of exchanger has a larger surface. Heating power is greater than in typical horizontal exchanger. Water in the vertical tanks is heated more efficiently. Exchangers with two coils (SB Termo Solar) coils are also offered by Kospel. They can be connected to an extra source of heating f.e. solar panels.