HPSW heat pump is equipped with DHW cylinder with coil and heat exchanger, of 250 l capacity. Its purpose is to heat water with the use of ambient air.


Suitable mounting place for the heat pump is storage or boiler room.

During the process of water heating HPSW heat pump may simultaneously cool and dry ambient air in the room where air inlet and outlet are placed.

Key advantages

Optimum energy efficiency
High energy efficiency class A+

Silent operation
Noise level at 50dB

Advanced control system
Control panel enables setting of water temperature and pump's operation time. Economy mode guarantees economic operation: in the initial phase only air compressor is activated, CH boiler or heat exchnager is activated only if there's such need. Turbo mode guearantees maximum comfort. Instant water heating takes place by activation of all available heating sources: air compressor, CH boiler and heat exchanger.

Universal mounting
HPSW pump enables flexible positioning of connections. They can be positioned at the rear or on the sides of the device (to the left or right side)

Energy efficiency

Product code COP (in acc with EN16147)
HPSW-2/250 3,86 (A20/W15-45) / 3,24 (A20/W10-55) / 3,47 (A15/W15-45) / 2,91 (A15/W10-55)