Small in size, inexpensive to install, ideal for summer houses, offices or bars.


from 3,5kW

from 5,5kW

Key advantages

Mixer tap included in the set
The water heater is a non-pressure appliance, it can only be connected to the mixing tap included in the set.

Fine stream spray nozzle.
The fine stream spray nozzle guarantees comfortable use and savings on water and energy up to 50%.

Power switch
The power switch enables users to limit the power consumption from 5,5kW to 4,4kW.

Energy efficiency

Product card Rated power / rated voltage ERP energy class
EPS2-3,5 TWISTER 3,5 kW / 230V~
EPS2-4,4 TWISTER 4,4 kW / 230V~
EPS2-5,5 TWISTER 5,5 kW / 230V~