Reliable water heater with electronic control system

Key advantages

Copper heating elements
Reliable technology ensures long life, resistance to water decay and air bubbles

Water flow sensor
Water flow sensor operates at very low pressure 0,1Mpa and water flow as little as 2,5 l/min.

Priority switch
Cooperation with another electric high power consumption appliance based on priority.

Electronic control
Electronic control ensures stability and modulation of water temp. between 30-60°C with an accuracy of 1 C.

Can work on already pre-heated water.
Inletting water temp up to 70°C

Product code Rated power/rated voltage ERP energy class
KDE-09 BONUS 9 kW / 400V 3~
KDE-12 BONUS 12 kW / 400V 3~
KDE-15 BONUS 15 kW / 400V 3~
KDE-18 BONUS 18 kW / 400V 3~
KDE-21 BONUS 21 kW / 400V 3~
KDE-24 BONUS 24 kW / 400V 3~
KDE-27 BONUS 27 kW / 400V 3~