Electronic controlled water heater.


from 9kW

from 12kW

from 18kW

Most important advantages

Electronic control system
Stability and smooth regulation of water temperature. The possibility to regulate water temperature from 30 to 60°C (1°C step).

The possibility to re-heat already pre-heated water
Inlet water temperature up to 60°C.

4 powers in 1 heater
Allows the user to select desired power level. Not applicable for 27kW version.

Energy efficiency

Product code Rated power / rated voltage ERP energy class
KDE3-09/12/15 9/11/12/15 kW / 400V 3~
KDE3-18/21/24 17/18/21/24 kW / 400V 3~
KDE3-27 27 kW / 400V 3~