Key advantages

Stainless steel tank
Stainless steel tank resistant to corrosion, no need to use an anode.

Energy efficency class A
Minimal heat losses

Quick heating time
The use of heaters with a capacity of 2000W provides a short time of water heating 5 litres 5,5 min and 10 liters 11 min (at 30 C temperature rise Δt)

Temperature range
range from 23-70C

Energy efficiency

Product code Rated power / Rated voltage ERP Energy class
POC.D-5 2 kW/ 230V / 5l
POC.G-5 2 kW / 230V / 5l
POC.Gb-5 2 kW / 230V / 5l
POC.D-10 2kW / 230V / 10l
POC.G-10 2kW / 230V / 10l
POC.Gb-10 2kW / 230V / 10l