Storage water heaters ensure economical operation thanks to very good insulation and ECO driver.


50-130 litres

90-130 litres

90-130 litres

Key advantages

Energy efficiency
Efficiency from insulation PUR and ECO driver.

Enamelling technology
Company Kospel launched Poland's first fully automated system for powder enamelling tanks. Tanks are made of high quality steel are secured over the entire surface evenly applied layer of enamel with optimal thickness.

The possibility to assembly upright or horizontally
To assembly horizontally, tank should be installed on left side.

ECO driver
Temperature range from 0-77ºC, antifreeze mode 7ºC and AUTO mode. AUTO mode allows to set working time and water temperature according to user's individual needs using a smartphone. It provides the most economical use of our device.

Energy efficiency

Product code Rated power / Rated voltage ERP energy class
OCV.ECO-50 COMFORT 2 kW / 230V
OCV.ECO-90 COMFORT 2 kW / 230V
OCV.ECO-110 COMFORT 2 kW / 230V
OCV.ECO-130 COMFORT 2 kW / 230V