Hot water cylinder with large heating active surface, can be mounted in vertical or horizontal position

Key advantages

Enamelling technology
Kospel company launched Poland's first fully automated enamelling powder system.Tanks are made of high quality of steel and are secured over the entire surface by evenly applied layer of enamel with optimal thickness.

High power and efficiency
Tank in tank construction is characterised with the largest surface of heat transfer. SP-180 cylinder provides 30% more power and efficiency compare to 200 liters traditional cylinder with a heating coil. It ensures high comfort of use and fast hot water production.

Can be mounted in any position
Special construction of cylinder and mounting bracket enable to mount the cylinder in vertical (standing or hanging) or horizontal position.

Unbeatable quality
Quality control system covers all production stages. Each device is being fully checked before shipment. Fault factor is as low as 0,06%.

Corrugated walls technology
Corrugated walls additionally enlarge the heating surface and allows installing of heat exchangers in closed systems (with jacket rated pressure 0,3 MPa).

Energy efficiency

Product Code Storage capacity total / DHW / CH (l) ERP energy class
SP-180.A 183 / 140 / 43
SP-180 183 / 140 / 43