Vertical hot water cylinder with a single coil, perfect to co-operate with central heating boiler

Key advantages

Enamelling Technology
Kospel company launched Poland's first fully automated enamelling powder system.Tanks are made of high quality of steel and are secured over the entire surface by evenly applied layer of enamel with optimal thickness.

Unrbeatable quality
Quality control system covers all production stages. Each device is being fully checked before shipment. Fault factor is as low as 0,06%.

Energy efficiency

Product code Capacity Energy efficiency class
SW-100 105
SW-120 124
SW-140 134
SW-200 204
SW-250 250
SW-300 300
SW-400 375
SW-500 465
SW-1000 939
SWZ-140 134
SWZ-200 204
SWZ-250 250
SWZ-300 300
SWZ-400 374
SWZ-500 465