Cylinder with heating coil for co-operation with solid fuel heating sources

Key advantages

Enamelling technology
Kospel company launched Poland's first fully automated enamelling powder system.Tanks are made of high quality of steel and are secured over the entire surface by evenly applied layer of enamel with optimal thickness.

Unbeatable quality
Quality control system covers all stages of production. Each device before it's sendd to the client passes control. The failure rate is only 0.06%.

Water diffuser
Diffuser significantly reduces cold/hot water mixing effect, and provides steady water temperature distribution.

Manufacturing automation
Welding and enamelling are the key factors in cylinder production process. It's automation provides full repeatibility of the process, top quality of performance and anti-corrosion protection level.

New casing
Upgraded case provides modern look. Thicker insulation guarantees even better protection against heat losses.

Temperature indicator.
Temperature sensor allows stored water temperature control.

Energy efficiency

Product code Capacity (l) ERP energy class
WW-100 TERMO HIT 107
WW-120 TERMO HIT 127
WW-140 TERMO HIT 138
WB-100 TERMO HIT 107
WB-120 TERMO HIT 127
WB-140 TERMO HIT 138