Cylinders with single heating coil, all connections at the top side only. Dedicated for installation under wall-hanged central heating boiler.

Key advantages

Energy efficiency class A
SWK.A cylinder ensures highest thermal insulation class. Heat losses are reduced up to 50%! Comparing to efficiency class C it saves up to 320kWh annually.

Enamelling technology
Kospel company launched Poland's first fully automated enamelling powder system.Tanks are made of high quality of steel and are secured over the entire surface by evenly applied layer of enamel with optimal hickness.

High thermal insulation A class
65mm insulation, made of polyurethane foam, provides high energy effiiciency class.

Unbeatable quality
Quality system control covers all production stages. Each device is being fully checked before shipment. Fault factor is as low as 0,06%.

Energy efficiency

Product Code Capacity (l) ERP energy class
SWK-100.A 97
SWK-120.A 111
SWK-140.A 134