Bi-functional Electric Central Heating Flow Boiler with weather compensation, built-in domestic hot water tank of 130l capacity, expansion vessels for CH & DHW of 12 l capacity, and a differential pressure valve- bypass

Key advantages

Bi-functional boiler with weather compensation for central heating & a built-in domestic hot water tank of 130 l capacity

Selectable rated power of the unit

Automatic stage power modulation

Temperature regulation range from 20°C to 85°C

Weather compensation grants maintenance-free and most economical operation of the boiler due to its automaticall adjustment to the weather conditions

Energy efficiency

Product Code Rated power/voltage ERP energy class
EKD.M3-04/06/08 4/6/8 kW / 400V 3N~ lub 230V~
EKD.M3-12/16/20/24 12/16/20/24 kW /400V 3N~