The boiler can heat the water for the radiators or the underfloor heating and can cooperate with a DHW tank, it is equipped with a circulator and the 5 liter expansion tank (EKCO.LN3).

Most important advantages

Automatically modulates the power of immersion heaters dependent on the heat demand.

Boiler intended for cetral heating

In cooperation with a hot water cylinder there is possible water temperature control and turning-on circulation pump in accordance with the set daily and weekly programs

Panel control allows heating water temperature range from 20 do 85°C.

Equipped with an expansion vessel - 5 liters and circulation pump

Energy efficiency

Product code Rated power/voltage ERP energy class
EKCO.LN3-04/06/08 4/6/8kW /400V 3N~ lub 230V~
EKCO.LN3-12/16/20/24 12/16/20/24 kW /400V 3N~
EKCO.L3-04/06/08 4/6/8kW /400V 3N~ lub 230V~
EKCO.L3-12/16/20/24 12/16/20/24 kW /400V 3N~

Additional equipment:

Product code Descirption
CZUJNIK WE-019/01 Temperature sensor in DHW cylinder
ZAWÓR.KOT.VC6013 Three-way valve 3/4" for the co-operation with DHW cylinder