Solar collectors KSH.A are a heart of solar systems that heat domestic hot water.They are suitable both for small family houses and large systems at public places.They can be also utilised to heat water in swimming pools and to support heating, especially underfloor heating.



Key advantages

Absorber plate is covered with high selective Blue Tec eta plus coat to ensure the highest level of solar radiation conversion. Coefficients: absorption 95%, emission: 5%.

Advanced ultrasonic welding technology is used to attach aluminium plate (KSH.A) absorber to the copper pipes. It guarantees the highest efficiency of thermal energy transfer

Sealed housing is made of powder painted aluminium sheet to ensure long term durability of collector structure

Thermal insulation is made of condensed mineral rock wool to minimise the thermal loss

Specially designed assembly sets made of stainless steel and aluminum for quick and safe installation on roofs with different angles of inclination.

Collector elements are made of durable materials (copper, aluminium), thanks to it we offer 10 Years guarantee.

Energy efficiency